FHD Performance with 35x Motorised Zoom and On-board Controls

Excellent Image Quality

Modular Digital Microscope with 35:1 motorised optical zoom, swift centre-spot auto focus, and easy-to-access on-board lens & camera controls. Standard UNC 1/4-20″ mount for assembly on most standard stands.

Endlessly Versatile

Modular design of  the F35s in industrial grade aluminium housing and excellent cable management allows easy configuration of your optical inspection system with a wide range of stands, mounts, illuminations and control consoles   according to your needs.

Crisp Video with High Frame Rate

Inspectis F35s digital microscope with its excellent image quality, high contrast, high frame rate and true colours is designed for optical inspection, quality control, Metrology, Reporting and Documentation of objects up to 720x magnification.


Easy to Use


Optimized for Optical Inspection of Moving Objects

The system’s standard 35:1 zoom optics produces ~ 1.7 – 61.4x magnification on 24” monitor. With extra dioptre macro lenses attached, up to 720x magnification (24″ monitor) equal to 0.72 (H) x 0.41 (V) mm field of view and 362 lp/mm resolution power can be achieved.

Thanks to its 60fps video and quick auto-focus it is the best choice for live inspection of the moving objects.

Precise Camera and Lens Control

On-board controls of U30s provides direct access to camera and lens attributes like optical zoom, aperture size, focus and colour balance.

SDK is supplied for integration and control of the the digitial microscopes in 3:th party systems.

Remote Control Consoles

A wide range of remote controls are available for further adjustments of camera and lens attributes, including zoom, brightness, lens aperture size (iris), manual focus, white balance and various filters. Features such as the zoom factor display, cross-hair overlay on live image, can be turned on. In addition 2-7 memory settings and quick recalls is provided with remote controls.

Configurable with Wide Range of Stands

Inspectis modular F35s can be assembled on a variaty of tands including rack&pinion and tile units.

Mounted on Inspectis articulated stand creates free xyz-movements across the inspection object.

Configurable for In-Line Inspection

With its excellent durable single-cable design and low weight, the F35s is suitable for in-line optical inspection and quality control tasks.

Together with Inspectis industrual grade XY-travel stands, the optical system can be easily adapted to existing SMT production lines over the convayer belt.

Customised Mounting Solutions

Personalise U30s to your exact requirement by selecting from a comprehensive range of Boom-type, Rack-type or Articulated-arm stands.

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Power F35s by INSPECTIS© Software

In addition to direct view of the live image on a FHD monitor via HDMI a variaty of software options with different functionality levels are available for F35s.

SDK for customer integration

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Included items when you order HD-113

  • Inspectis F35s, FHD 1080/60p Modular Digital Inspection Macroscope, x35 Zoom.
  • Power supply.
  • Instructions manual and other document.
  • Two years new product warrany.


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Product video


Video Output Full HD 1080p/60 frames per second
Image sensor 1920(H) x 1080(V) 16:9 format, 1.62 μm x 1.62 μm pixel size
I/O Ports HDMI video output, 5P MiniDin Power input, 8P MiniDin for communication
Onboard Control Zoom, Iris, Auto Focus on/off, White Balance
Remote Control via Console (optional) Zoom, Iris, Manual/Auto Brightness, Manual/Auto Focus, White Balance, Picture

Quality Mode, Display Text, Crosshairs overlay, Image Rotate, Image Freeze, Memory Save/Recall (2 pcs), Foot-switch,

Remote Control via Software (optional) Auto/Manual Exposure, Frame Stacking, Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, Sharpness, High Dynamic Range, Auto/Manual White Balance, Flip H, Flip V. Foot-switch,
Lens Megapixel motorised 35:1 zoom lens with autofocus, iris control and pre-calibrated optics.
Illumination F35s (optional) LED RingLight, Single-Spot or Double-Spot LED matrix light with gooseneck, LED Transmitted Backlight
Mount UNC 1/4″–20
Storage Environment -20° – +60°C, 20 – 95% RH, non-condensing
Operating Environment  -5 ° – +45°C, 20 – 95% RH, non-condensing
Size, Weight F35s D86.5 x L137mm exclusive cable. 1.1 kg.

Optional accessories

Ring-light White LED

Ring Light White LED with detachable diffuser

Item no. HD-024-B

LED illuminator containing high power white LED lamps for a various incident light applications. Detachable diffuser filter and integrated brightness control for smooth and soft illumination included. Powered directly via AUX output of Inspectis Digital Microscopes for excellent cable management.

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+5 diopter macro lens

Macro Lens +5 Diopter, 67mm

Item no. HD-039

+5 diopter optical power achromatic close-up lens attachable to the standard lens of Inspectis digital video microscopes. For higher magnification applications. Increases overall magnification of F and U microscopes by approximately 210%.

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Antistatic boom stand for digital microscope

Inspectis Double-arm Boom Stand, Light, ESD-protected

Item no. HD-071-E

Industrial-type light double-arm boom stand with UNC ¼”-20 mounting screw for Inspectis Digital Microscopes.  Solid metal 240mm x 240mm x 8mm base for stability and double-rod boom with ball bearing for smooth rigid horisontal movement of the Digital Microscope.

ESD-protected for use in EPA environments.

Provides stability and flexibility for horizontal and vertical adjustment of the Digital Microscope across object filed.

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INSPECTIS Overlay comparision software

Upgrade to INSPECTIS© ProX Image Capture and Metrology software with Real-time Camera Control

Item no. -PX

Advanced metrology, analysis and utility software with real-time camera and lens controls. Besides metrology, analysis and documentation features, ProX provides following extra tools:

• Automatic focus stacking (Field of view extender)
• Manual focus stacking
• Time lapse video recording
• Time interval Overlay Assisted Inspection (OAI)
• Optical edge detection and DXF export
• DXF new, import, edit and export
• Drawing toolbox for DXF edit
• DXF overlay on live image
• DXF export as PNG file
• PNG overlay on live image as digital graticule
• Automatic alignment of overlaid image to live image
• Automatic rescaling of overlaid image through zoom

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4K HDMI Image Capture & video recorder

Inspectis 4K External HDMI Image Capture and Video Recorder for U-microscopes

Item no. HD-140-U

High-quality, plug-&-play 4K HDMI Capture and Video Recorder device with 4K video loop-through. Compatible with 2160p output signal of Inspectis U30, U30s, U10 and U10s Digital Microscopes. Captures still pictures at UHD resolution and digital video at FHD format on a Micro SD-card without need of a host computer.

Live loop through video output at 4K, 2160p format. Supplies date and time stamp on still picture and recorded video. Delivers with power supply, HDMI A-type male cable and Micro SDHC-card.

Assembled in industrial grade aluminium housing with stainless-steel bottom plate.

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More accessories:

A wide variety of accessories are available for INSPECTIS digital microscopes.