All-in-One, Plug & Play Digital Microscopes

Reliable and cost effective digital inspection system

All-in-One Digital Microscopes

Configured Digital Microscopes Systems

Turn-key optical digital inspection system with 30:1 optical zoom, auto focus, on-board controls, and integrated oblique illumination for modern optical inspection and documentation of any object.

Provided with superior 4K or cost-effective Full HD technology with software or external image capture.

All-in-One with USB3.0 Capture and INSPECTIS© Basics software

Configured with U30 4K Digital Microscope

All-in-One with 28″ Monitor and Image Capture &Video Recording

Configured with U30 4K Digital Microscope

All-in-One, Plug & Play

Outstanding 4K or cost-effective Full HD digital microscopes integrated with robust all aluminium stand, on-board camera & lens controls, and oblique reflection-free matrix light with incident angle adjustment.

F30 Full HD All-in-One, Stand-alone Digital Microscope

Ready to use optical System with Full HD technology to be connected directly to a monitor or configured by a wide range of accessories according to your optical inspection task requirements.