At Inspectis we take the privacy of your personal data seriously and will only use your personal information to administrate your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. When you use our services you can be sure that we process personal data in accordance to law.


The data protection declaration of Inspectis is based on the terms used by the European legislator for the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data protection declaration should be easy to read and understand for the general public as well as our customers and business partners.

Responsible Authority

Inspectis AB
Torshamnsgatan 35
SE-164 40 Kista, Sweden
Phone:  +46-8-270 191

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact us

Categories of Personal Data Inspectis holds

Which data we use is determined by each situation. This depends on whether you visit our website, place an order, enter an enquiry in our contact form, send us a job application or submit a complaint.

We Collect and Use the Following Data on Visits to Our Website:

•    Name of the internet service provider
•    Details about the website from which you are visiting us
•    The web browser and operating system used
•    Requested files, the data volume transferred, downloads/file export
•    Details about the webpages on our site that you call up, including date and time

We Collect and Use the Following Data from Contact Enquiries:

•    Name
•    Contact data
•    Details on requests and interests.

We Collect and Use the Following Data When an Order is Placed:

•    Name
•    Delivery address
•    Invoice address
•    Email address
•    Payment conditions
•    Delivery term

We Collect and Use the Following Data from Newsletters:

•    Name
•    Country
•    Email address

We Collect and Use the Following Data from Online Job Applications:

•    Name
•    Address
•    Contact data (email address, telephone number)
•    Documents sent, such as covering letter, professional qualifications, job references, CVs, data on previous employers.
•    Desired salary
•    We also use data from publicly available lists, e.g. job networks, if this is legally permitted.

What your data is used for

We process the data you give to us to meet the requests you make of us, including but not limited to such things as to satisfy or stimulate your interest in our products and services (via media such as newsletters, webinars and whitepapers); to provide you with technical support; to providing trial licenses; and to process your orders with us. We will pass on your data to third parties only on the basis of legislative provisions or if the related consent has been given. Otherwise, personal data will not be passed to third parties unless we are obliged to do so further to compelling legislative provisions (forwarding to external quarters such as regulatory authorities or criminal prosecution authorities).

What is our legal basis for processing your Personal Data?

Our legal basis for processing your personal data is dependent on the purpose for processing and may vary as described in the Supplement applicable to the product or service you are using. In general, we process your personal data under the following legal bases:

Performance of a contract with you

We process your personal data to perform our obligations to the product or service you are using, provided by us or our customers

Your consent

We process your personal data if you have consented to the processing activity. You may revoke your consent at any time. Doing so will bar us from further processing of your personal data based on your consent but will not impact the lawfulness of processing based on your consent before it was withdrawn. Some of the features of our products and services might be only available based on consent.

Legal obligations

We process your personal data as needed to comply with laws and regulations.

Legitimate interests

We process your personal data to further our legitimate interests, such as in connection with managing, developing, testing, securing, and in limited circumstances marketing, advertising, and making recommendations regarding our products and services. Any such processing is conducted subject to appropriate measures to protect your fundamental rights and freedoms related to your personal data, and in any event will be subject to the restrictions provided in this Policy. Further information or specification of our legitimate interests may be provided in relevant Supplements applicable to the product or service.

Your Rights

In sharing your personal data with us you have the following rights which can be enforced by emailing .

The Right to be Informed

You have the right to know who holds your personal data and what it is being used for. (That’s why you’re receiving this privacy notice, so you’re aware your data is held on our systems).

The Right of Access

You can ask us to share with you, or someone appointed by you, what personal data we hold about you at any time. Please email , subject Personal Data Access Request’ in the subject line.

Right of Rectification

If you notice that the personal data we hold concerning you is incorrect in any way then you have the right to request that we fix it.

Right to Object

Where your personal data is being processed using the lawful basis of ‘Legitimate Interest’, you have the right to object to us processing this data.

Right to Erasure

You have the right to request your personal data is erased from our systems. Note that if Inspectis has an over-riding reason to retain your data (e.g. to comply with a legal or contractual obligation) then your data may only be partially deleted or we may not be able to be delete it at all.

Right to Restriction of Processing

You may ask us to restrict processing of your personal data, this right is intended to serve as a pause to processing whilst your other rights are being exercised (e.g. you could request a pause in processing until data is rectified).


If you have a complaint about how Inspectis has handled your data then please report it to us in the first instance so we can put things right.

If we do not deal with your concern adequately then you have the right to complain to a supervisory authority.

Automated Decision Making

Inspectis does not use your personal data in any automated decision making.