We are committed to providing high quality after-sales service and support directly or through our global partner network.

Technical and Applications Support

Our technical support is focused on resolving your issue as quickly as possible. Our experienced team of application engineers and optics specialists are ready to assist you with specifying requirements, training, and installations. On-site product demonstrations are available to show the capabilities, performance and benefits of our modern inspection systems using your parts.

INSPECTIS© software Support, Maintenance and Upgrade

One (1) year SOFTWARE Support and Maintenance is included when you purchase an INSPECTIS© license upon activation of the software. To keep your software up to date with regular upgrades and receive adequate support please complete and sign this order sheet and email to Inspectis AB.

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INSPECTIS Overlay comparision software


We repair and return your digital microscopes quickly within a few days as we understand importance of the inspection systems in your daily work. Inspectis products are durable and robust, but with regular use, some parts can become dirty, damaged, or worn down, affecting the quality of the image and the performance of the device. It is important for us that your equipment is in great shape and serves you for many years to come.


On-site or web-based training programmes are provided by Inspectis to ensure you get the most out of your digital inspection system. Our dedicated trainers provide hands-on or comprehensive sessions in hardware and software one-to-one or in small groups.

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