U30 System Package, All-in-One

Plug & Play

Plug & play, reliable and cost effective 4K optical inspection system with 30:1 motorised zoom, swift auto focus, integrated illumination, and robust  industry standard all-aluminium integrated stand keeping working bench clean and free.

Easy to Setup and to Use

Delivered as a complete  optical inspection system with stand, built-in oblique reflection free LED matrix light and INSPECTIS Basics software. Allows direct image view, analysis and capture in your PC or laptop.

Making optical inspection enjoyable

Connect the U30 digital microscope to your PC or Laptop via Inspectis´ plug-&-play USB3.0 converter and take advantage of the astonishing digital image resolution, high contrast, and true colours at 1:30x zoom range in your optical inspection work.


High Resolution


Premium imaging quality

Ultra HD 8.5MP live video switchable to FHD 60fps resolution with plug & play HDMI and USB3.0 interface. Produces superior image quality with excellent colours at entire field of view.

Highly integrated and Ergonomic

Equipped with built-in LED matrix light and incident angle adjustment for reflection free illumination.

Unique ergonomic design with durable, robust all-aluminium housing and 230 mm free working distance, allowing operators to sit comfortably in a good working position and carrying on their inspection tasks more efficiently.

U30 digital inspection microscope

Powered by INSPECTIS©

The system is powered by INSPECTIS© Basic software. Powerful yet easy-to-use live image view, capture and analysis software.

INSPECTIS© Basics is pre-calibrated across entire zoom range of the U30 microscope and provides basics tools for image view, capture and distance measurement . Tools such as direct camera and lens control, automatic distortion control, digital zoom, contrast enhancement and overlay grids, rectangle, crosshair and annotation on image are available. An easy to use yet powerful software when camera control and digital image acquisition are primary requirements.

INSPECTIS© software is designed to help users navigate effortlessly. With a logical layout and graphica icons for each function, operators can quickly become familiar with the INSPECTIS software, saving time during measurement routines and reducing the need for training sessions.

Optimized for optical inspection quality control and documentation of fine detail

The system’s standard optics produces ~ 2 – 60x magnification (28” monitor). If further magnification is needed, a wide range of diopter Macro Lenses can be added to magnify up to 196x.

An optional built-in laser pointer ( -L ) aims at the area of interest and assists in locating it on the screen. Inspectis U30s can also be ordered as ESD protected ( -E ) for required environments.

Included items when you order HD-015-KIT-SOFT

  • Inspectis U30, Ultra HD 2160p Digital Inspection Microscope, x30 zoom, All-in-One
  • 4K HD USB3.0 Capture Pro with INSPECTIS© Basics software (can be swithed to PCIe Capture on request)
  • Inspectis USB communication Cable
  • Annual Service and Support for INSPECTIS software (one year)

System package can also be ordered with Full HD digital microscope F30 or F35 as HD-012-KIT-SOFT and HD-112-KIT-SOFT

4K All-in-One Digital Microscope package with Software



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Product video



Video Output Ultra HD 2160p/30 fps switchable to FHD 1080p/60 fps
Imager 8.5 Mpixels. 3840(H)x2160(V) 16:9 format. Progressive scan CMOS image sensor
Pixel Size (resolution) 1.62 μm x 1.62 μm
Lens Megapixel motorised 30:1 zoom with auto-focus, iris control and pre-calibrated optics with automatic zoom tracking
Illumination Built-in LED matrix light. Optional LED RingLight.
I/O Ports HDMI video output, 5P MiniDin power input, 8P MiniDin PC communication
Onboard Control Zoom, Iris, Auto Focus on/off, White Balance
Remote Control via Console (optional) Zoom, Iris, Manual/Auto Brightness, Manual/Auto Focus, White Balance, Picture

Quality Mode, Display Text, Crosshairs overlay, Image Rotate, Image Freeze, Memory Save/Recall (2 pcs), Foot-switch,

Remote Control via Software (optional) Auto/Manual Exposure, Frame Stacking, Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, Sharpness, High Dynamic Range, Auto/Manual White Balance, Flip H, Flip V.
Illumination Built-in large-aperture white LED ring light with diffuser. (Crossed polariser filter set is ordered separately)
Storage Environment -20° – +65°C, 20 – 95% RH, non-condensing
Operating Environment  -5 ° – +45°C, 20 – 95% RH, non-condensing
Size / Weight 200 (W) x 170 (D)x 235 (H) mm / ~ 5.2 kg.

Optional accessories

Ring-light White LED

Ring Light White LED with detachable diffuser

Item no. HD-024-B

LED illuminator containing high power white LED lamps for a various incident light applications. Detachable diffuser filter and integrated brightness control for smooth and soft illumination included. Powered directly via AUX output of Inspectis Digital Microscopes for excellent cable management.

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+5 diopter macro lens

Macro Lens +5 Diopter, 67mm

Item no. HD-039

+5 diopter optical power achromatic close-up lens attachable to the standard lens of Inspectis digital video microscopes. For higher magnification applications. Increases overall magnification of F and U microscopes by approximately 210%.

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INSPECTIS Overlay comparision software

NSPECTIS© Pro, Image Capture, Metrology and Reporting software with Real-time Camera Control

Item no. HD-132

Advanced metrology, analysis and utility software with real-time communication with digital cameras. In addition to Basics functions, INSPECTIS© Pro provides extra tools for:

• Powerful set of geometry measurement tools
• Snap function for easy selection of geometry points
• Automatic lens distortion correction
• Automatic calibration tracking for all zoom positions
• Auto-creation of measurement table for data reporting
• Export measurements data to Excel file
• Compare live to still or still to still images
• Overlay 2-dimensional mm/mm scales on live image
• Overlay semi-transparent picture on live image
• Record video and audio
• Auto-creation of reports and certificates
• 5 memory presets and recall for camera parameters
• Password option for camera parameters control

16 memories with easy-to-access icons are provided to save and recal different lens and camera setups.

Delivered with dongle and USB communication cable

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Digital microscope

Telescopic Height Adjustable Tilt Table

Item no. HD-150

The Inspectis Telescopic Height Adjustment Table provides 103mm vertical displacement of your inspection objects along optical axis and up to 30 degrees angle of the inspection objects under digital microscope.

The working surface is covered by a high friction antistatic mat that keeps your inspection object in place. 4 slots are available for attaching optional magnetic pegs or custom-made fixtures and holders.

Designed to adjust Working Distance of  F30, F35 and U30 Digital Microscopes to your inspection object when +1, +2, +3 and +5 dipoter macro lenses are used.  Made of high quality antistatic coated material.

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More accessories:

A wide variety of accessories are available for INSPECTIS digital microscopes.