Digital camera remote control

Remote Camera Control with Advanced Adjustments

Item no. HD-020

Remote Camera Control allows further adjustments of camera and lens attributes, including zoom, brightness, lens aperture size (iris), manual focus, white balance and image contrast. Features such as the zoom factor display, cross-hair overlay on live image, can be turned on. In addition 2 memory settings can be saved and recalled for individual samples.

Designed in durable aluminium housing and stable stainless steel base plate.

An optional 2-pedal foot switch is available for HD-020 for hand-free operation.

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Remote control knob-drive

Remote Camera Control with Knob Drive

Item no. HD-200

Innovative knob-drive camera and lens control console. This remote rontrol allows adjustments of Zoom, Lens aperture (Iris) and Manual Focus but also lets user to enable Auto Focus.

Designed in durable aluminium housing and stable stainless steel base plate.

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Remote Control with 7 memories

Remote Camera Control with Knob Drive, programable with 7 Memories


Innovative knob drive controller with 7 memories that are configured and saved by Inspectis camera control PC software. Any of the M1 to M7 configurations can then be selected and recalled by the knob. In addition, Manual Focus feature is available for fine focusing of your object with knob drive for any of the preset memories. Communication cable is included for programming via PC software.

Designed in durable aluminium housing and stable stainless steel base plate.

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Software Control for digital microscope

Remote Camera Control PC Software including Communication Cable

Item no. HD-201

Software with easy-to use graphical user interface for remote control of Inspectis digital microscopes via PC. All camera and lens attributes can be controlled by software or saved onto 8 memories for quick recall via a user-friendly password protected pre-set window. Works perfectly with a touch screen small size factor PC.

Foot switch for Remote controls

Foot Switch for Camera Control (2 Pedals)

Item no. HD-027

Industrial-quality two pedal foot switch for hands free control of camera and lens parameters of Inspectis Digital Microscopes. Foot switch is plugged into the real panel of HD-020, Advance Remote Control and works in parallel with + and – buttons of the control console.

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Extention Cable for contol consoles

Extension Cable (1.5m) for Remote Camera Controls

Item no. HD-020-C

1.5m extension cable for Inspectis Remote Controls when extra length is required.

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