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Kista, Sweden
The new F35 HD optical inspection system from INSPECTIS tackles even the most demanding inspection tasks with ease and clarity. Its full HD 1080p, 60 frames per second lag-free video with true colors brings digital microscopy to a new level with brighter, sharper, and more precise imagery of objects ranging from increasingly compact miniaturized electronic assemblies to medical devices and more. Plus, the ultra-ergonomic INSPECTIS design and simple ease of use with its built-in easy-to-access lens and camera controls, and its compact and uncluttered design with excellent cable management, make the F35 the new leader in crisp premium imagery.

Thanks to its fast optics and large image sensor, F35 provides an excellent image of an object under inspection, especially solder joints on electronic PCBs and metallic parts with minimum glare and reflections. Camera and lens attributes including optical zoom, lens aperture size, focus and color balance can be adjusted directly by integrated on-board controls, via INSPECTIS software, or through a range of remote control consoles. The F35 offers a superior 35:1 motorized zoom lens with faster auto-focus and iris-controlled depth of field, and is supplied with a wide range of lenses, lights, and other accessories. These features make inspection faster and simpler as well as flexible enough to handle the widest range of tasks.

Inspectis digital microscopes provide relief to eyes, neck and shoulders through the unique ergonomic design, sharp images, a built-in laser pointer, and 230mm free working distance. By allowing operators to sit comfortably in a good working position, their inspection tasks can be carried out more efficiently.

The new F35 is compact as well as ergonomic, featuring first-class optics, high magnification, and 35x motorized zoom designed in robust all aluminum housing. It’s available in two industrial grade form factors, F35 with integrated stand and illumination, and F35s, a modular configurable system.

F35 digital microscopes are powered by INSPECTIS software, a powerful yet easy-to-use live image view, capture, analysis, measurement and reporting software. It offers tools for direct camera and lens control, 16 memory presets, zoom tracking, focus stacking, drawings and annotation, image overlays and comparison, time lapse video recording, distortion control and report generator are provided with different functionality levels.

The F35’s standard optics with 1.7 – 61.4x magnification (24” monitor) surpasses common inspection microscopes. If further magnification is needed, a wide range of extra lenses can be added to magnify up to 720x magnification.

INSPECTIS designs and produces digital optical microscopes, including world leading 4K resolution devices for the inspection of microelectronics and medical devices and for the examination and researching of diseases. INSPECTIS offers plug and play, reliable and cost-effective digital camera microscopes designed for demanding non-contact optical inspection and assembly. For North American sales and technical information, contact Dale Winchell at ASCENTECH2 LLC, Tel. 860.510.2450,