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Kista, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB, a global provider of advanced optical inspection solutions for industry, announces the launch of WeldInspect DIM, an optical inspection system specifically designed to inspect welds and other normally difficult to inspect shiny surfaces. It is the first Inspectis product using Inspectis’ Digital Inverted Microscope platform, a world first.

This versatile new platform opens the world of digital microscopy to many new applications, and in this instance, the precision alignment of the optics  and the  object platform makes it ideal for imaging polished metal samples used in weld analysis.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing and Sales Manager, said, “WeldInspect uses our   unique new platform for advanced visual inspection tasks, utilizing Inspectis’s powerful 4K imaging. It’s ideal for viewing hybrid microcircuits, ceramic PCBs and other substrates as well. It can be used  as a compact standalone instrument or coupled to a PC with powerful analytical software tools. It has everything one needs in an all-in-one Digital Inverted Microscope for weld bead analysis and measurement, including our Ultra HD imaging system with motorized zoom optics, auto-focus, built-in illumination, and dedicated software for weld measurements, documentation and reporting.”

WeldInspect is available with an assortment of dedicated accessories to enable a wide range of inspection tasks. It also features high magnification, with models providing 200x or up to 250x screen magnification. WeldInspect features built-in dedicated lighting to provide the best possible light control, premium image quality, and fast auto-focus.

The WeldInspect system includes INSPECTIS Basics software, USB3.0 or PCIe converter, 5 pcs tempered glass windows, PC communication cable and protection cover for the instrument. A compatible dedicated  weld bead measurement software bundle with Nikon NIS Elements D can be  ordered separately.


INSPECTIS AB designs and produces digital optical microscopes, including world-leading 4K resolution devices for the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries. INSPECTIS offers plug and play, reliable and cost-effective digital camera microscopes designed for demanding non-contact optical inspection and assembly. For North American sales and technical information, contact Dale Winchell at ASCENTECH2 LLC, Tel. 860.510.2450,