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Kista, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB, a global provider of world-leading 4K resolution optical inspection solutions, announces the launch of its new side-view BGA Inspection System, featuring the tiniest and most robust optical probe with built-in high power lighting and a 90-degree viewing angle. The Inspectis BGA system produces high-resolution images of the extremely low-clearance areas beneath BGAs, μBGAs, CSP, CGA and FlipChip packages with as low as 40 microns standoff. As such, it is an advanced solution for discovering micro-cracks, cold solder joints, whiskers, missing balls, scaling, excess flux and other soldering issues known to plague SMT/BGA assembly. Variable focus capability of the optics allows the user to image from the first to up to 20 rows of BGA solder bumps with its flexible, electronically dimmable high-power LED fiber brush light as background illumination. The unique soft-touch mechanism design of the stand bracket protects the micro-prisms in the optical probe tip from damage when positioned on the surface of the PCB under inspection.

The new INSPECTIS BGA Inspection System features a 5.0 megapixel USB3.0 digital microscope and integrated micro-prism background light mounted on a compact, robust stand with an XY-translation stage. A 180-degree pivoting mechanism facilitates easy alignment of the probe along 3 different sides of the BGA package. The BGA Inspection system is available in 2 system levels, Basics and ProX including powerful INSPECTIS BGA Inspection, analysis and documentation software.


INSPECTIS AB designs and produces digital optical microscopes, including world leading 4K resolution devices for the inspection of microelectronics and medical devices and for the examination and researching of diseases. INSPECTIS offers plug and play, reliable and cost-effective digital camera microscopes designed for demanding non-contact optical inspection and assembly. For North American sales and technical information, contact Dale Winchell at ASCENTECH2 LLC, Tel. 860.510.2450,