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7 June 2023 Solna, Sweden –  INSPECTIS AB now offers an Auto Brightness option for the 4K U30 series and new  FHD F35 series products. The option can be specified at the time of ordering; e.g., a U30s-A. Auto Brightness Mode automatically maintains the image brightness at a desired level regardless of the lighting conditions and zoom factor of the camera lens.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “Inspectis learned that some users liked to always work with a maximum focus depth, but wanted to retain the same image brightness even if object lighting changed or magnification was adjusted. Auto Brightness eliminates the need to stop to make further adjustments. By providing constant imaging conditions, certain optical inspection  routines will be more efficient and less operator dependent.”

In addition to the  Auto Brightness mode, the camera can be used in aperture priority mode whereby  the aperture F-number of the lens (Iris size), can be set to a fixed F value to control depth of focus (depth of field) depending on the application’s requirements, and Auto Brightness maintains the image brightness at the desired level.

The user may control the iris to vary image brightness, and using a wide variety of lighting accessories, vary the type and intensity of lightning.

Screen text display is also provided for U30s-A to help user monitor status of the Auto or Manual Brightness modes as well as offset level of the Auto Brightness control and F-number of the lens. Also, the camera can easily be switched between the normal manual  and auto brightness modes when desired.

Inspectis video inspection microscopes have from the beginning incorporated built-in controls for zoom, iris, and color balance. All current models incorporate the same functionality as a standard feature, so that in many cases the user can rely entirely on those, skipping the need for additional external control in many cases.