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Cradle for mounting Inspectis Weld Inspection microscopes flush with work bench

14 August 2023 Solna, Sweden –  INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of a new, ergonomic Mounting Cradle for its Digital Inverted Microscopes (DIM) such as the HD-250.

Certain applications such as weld bead analysis are best performed with a digital video camera mounted on the underside of the inspection bench, looking upward. The new cradle enables the user to mount the inverted scope so that the viewing plate is flush with the work bench surface, says Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager. “Obviously, you cut a precise hole in the surface and the cradle allows you to hold the DIM securely under the bench. It makes a very convenient way of being able to simply place the object under view down on the work area to view, or perhaps examine a long strip of metal to look at an edge, by simply sliding the object along the table,” he added.

High-resolution optical DIM systems are designed for applications including weld bead analysis and measurement, and many others that might be facilitated by an upward-viewing camera. The HD-250 is a 4K or Full HD inverted imaging system with motorized zoom, auto-focus, built-in large aperture illumination, and dedicated software for weld bead measurements, analysis, documentation, and reporting.

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