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3 March 2023 Solna, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of new compact X-Y stands that provide large area inspection possibilities in confined environments. This new, space-saving configuration has been popular with big Mobile phone base station manufacturers who need to inspect very large area boards.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “Inspectis new HD-370 and HD-380 compact X-Y stands provide large area inspection capabilities in confined environments. Being able to place a digital microscope camera where it is most effective is a key advantage of Inspectis’ product capability, exemplified by the range of stand and mounting solutions available. Our HD-170 and HD180 X-Y stands have been widely used by manufacturers to solve optical inspection needs in often difficult locations such as over a production conveyor, or after AOI inspection.”

He adds, “The new HD-370 and HD-380 design is a more compact X-Y stand that has evolved recently, driven by customer demand for a more compact solution for inspecting very large boards. Normally the X-Y stands have a Y- boom. That requires a space behind the setup as deep as the boom length when it is pushed right back. In a tightly packed space, in a compact production line, this might not be possible.”

The new HD-370 and HD-380 offer similar features as their conventional HD-170 and HD-180 boom counterparts, but the camera is mounted on a traveling beam instead of a travelling boom. Therefore, all movement is contained within the space defined by the X-Y dimensions. Stands may be configured for mounting on a bench top (HD-380) or fitted into a rack (HD-370). Either provides the same high stability and easy movement of the camera over the entire working area. All Inspectis cameras feature crucial on-board controls ideal for X-Y mounting so that single-handed operation of positioning and zooming is possible.

Inspectis offers custom designs based on the customer’s needs and can even discuss motorized options. Accessories are available to provide 4-way tilt and Z- axis adjustment.