U30 Ultra HD All-in-One

Digital Video Microscope

U30 Ultra HD (4K) Digital Inspection Microscope
Item No. HD-015


Uncompromising Image Quality

Inspectis U30 is a premium all-in-one, Ultra High Definition 8.3 megapixel optical inspection system with high magnification, 30:1 zoom range, auto focus, integrated illumination and on-board controls. Produces ultra sharp live pictures of your inspection objects up to 196x on 28″ monitor.

Designed for Ergonomic Use

Inspectis U30 provides relief to eyes, neck and shoulders. The unique ergonomic design with 228mm working distance allows operators to sit comfortably in a good working position and carry out their optical inspection tasks efficiently.

Plug & Play

Connect U30 camera to a 4K display or your PC via Inspectis´ HDMI to USB3.0 or PCIe converters and take advantage of the astonishing image resolution, high contrast and true colours in your optical inspection work.

Premium imaging quality

Thanks to its sensitive image sensor and superior high resolution optics, U30 provide astonishing sharp and high magnification images of the objects with true colours at entire field of view.

Optimized for optical inspection and repair of fine detail

The system’s standard optics produces ~ 2 – 60x magnification (28” monitor). If further magnification is needed, a wide range of diopter Macro Lenses can be added to magnify up to 196x.

An optional built-in laser pointer (-L) aims at the area of interest and assists in locating it on the screen. U30 can also be ordered as ESD protected (-E ) for required environments.


  • Superior 30:1 zoom with auto-focus
  • Ultra HD, 8.3 megapixel 30 fps camera for careful inspection of fine detail
  • Designed for outstanding optical performance at entire field of view
  • Integrated robust stand and adjustable LED illumination
  • Switchable between UHD 4K and FHD output
  • Options include ESD-protected housing and a built-in laser pointer


Typical Applications:

  • Precision magnification
  • Electronics inspection
  • Quality control
  • Repair and rework
  • Forensics
  • Medical devices
  • Micro assembly
  • Micro mechanics
  • Etomology
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Documentation
  • Presentation and training




Video Output Ultra HD 2160p/30, switchable to Full HD 1080p/60 (by Software and Remote Camera Control). HDMI type A Female connector on rear panel
Imager 8.5 Mpixels. 3840(H) x 2160(V) 16:9 format. Progressive scan CMOS image sensor
Onboard Controls Zoom, Iris, Auto Focus on/off, White Balance, 4K to Full HD format swap
Remote Control Unit (optional ) Zoom, Iris, Manual/Auto Brightness, Manual/Auto Focus, White Balance, Picture Quality Mode, Display Text, Haircross overlay, Image Rotate, Image Freeze, Memory Save/Recall (2 pcs), Foot-switch, Video Output Format and Frame Rate.
Illumination Integrated Long-life 18x UB pure white LEDs with direction adjustment
Size 395 x 240 x 360 mm including metal base
Weight 4.5 kg, including metal base
Lens system 30:1 Zoom with Auto Focus
Working distance 228 mm ( from lens to object )
Magnification at x1 zoom factor ~ 2.0x on 28″ monitor ( ~ 6.5x with +10 lens)
Magnification at x30 zoom factor ~ 60x on 28″ monitor (~ 196x with +10 lens)
Field of View at x1 zoom factor ~ 300 x 168 mm (93 x 51mm with +10 lens)
Field of View at x30 zoom factor ~ 10 x 5.6 mm (3.1 x 1.7mm with +10 lens)

Popular Accessories

Variety of accessories, such as remote control units , macro lenses, illuminations, image/video capture, metrology software, stands and mounts available.

Remote Camera Control with Advanced Adjustments,   Item HD-020

Remote Camera Control allows further adjustments of Camera and lens attributes, including zoom, brightness, lens aperture size (iris), manual focus, white balance and image contrast. Features such as the zoom factor display, cross-hair overlay on live image, can be turned on.

In addition 2 memory settings can be set and controlled allowing optimized settings to be saved and recalled for individual samples. To further simplify operations selected functions can be controlled by a foot pedal.

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Macro Lens +5 Diopter, 67mm (Achromatic),  Item HD-039

+5 diopter optical power lens attachable to the standard lens of INSPECTIS video microscopes. For higher magnification applications.

Increases overall magnification of F and U microscopes by approximately 210%.

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4K HD to PCIe Video Capture with Inspectis Pro software,   Item HD-046

One channel 4K PCI express 2.0×4 video capture card.

Connect HDMI output of your Inspectis 4K 2190p Digital Microscopes to this card and capture live image of your Digital Microscope in Ultra HD 8.3M pixels format.

Delivered with powerful Inspectis Pro software.

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Telescopic Height Adjustable Tilt Table,   Item HD-150

The Inspectis Telescopic Height Adjustable Tilt Table provides 103mm vertical displacement and up to 30 degrees angle of the inspection objects under your digital microscope.

The working surface is covered by a high friction antistatic mat that keeps your inspection object in place. 4 slots are available for attaching optional magnetic pegs or custom-made fixtures and holders.

Designed to adjust Working Distance of Inspectis All-in-One Digital Microscopes to your inspection object when dipoter macro lenses are used.

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Full HD External Image Capture and Video Recorder,  Item HD-140

Plug-&-play Full HD Image Capture and Video Recorder device.

Captures live video and still pictures up to 1080P resolution (1920×1080 pixels) via USB flash drive interface without need of host computer.

Assembled in industrial grade aluminum housing.

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Other Accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available for INSPECTIS digital microscopes.

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Sample Pictures

Sample Videos

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