Inspectis Technology

Core Vision

INSPECTIS digital microscopes are designed with in-house formulated, high resolution optics and sensitive, high dynamic range image sensors, from HD format i.e. 1280×720 pixels (~ 1 MP) to Ultra HD format i.e. 3840 x 2160 pixels (~ 8.3MP). We have full control of the signal processing to give the best possible video quality using propriety circuitry to output live digital video through an HDMI port.

Since the image is generated from the digital image sensor, the entire system is designed and optimised for monitor or computer image presentation.

Functional Form and Versatility

We present our products in two form factors, All-in-One systems with integrated stand, illumination and on-board controls, best when a straightforward Plug-and-Play system is called for, and modular devices, also with on-board controls and a wide range of accessories that provides you with vast versatility. The modular configurations alone offer at least 210 combinations of camera, stand and control so we are confident there will be one to suit you.

Light Management

All ‘photography’ is about controlling light.  We have carefully considered how and where our cameras get used to obtain the best results. The all-in-one versions feature a built-in, pure white LED light source and all cameras are prepared with an AUX power output to run external light sources that include incident Ring Light and Spot-Array-Lights as well as Bright-field and Dark-field illumination. A resulting benefit is that all systems gain excellent cable management, with only one cable out from the device.

Durable Build Quality

The camera housings of our digital microscopes are made of durable industrial grade extruded or machined aluminium parts coated with antistatic material and can be hermetically sealed when required.

Exploit Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is there to use in ways far beyond only vision. To connect our digital microscopes to a PC/laptop we supply best-on-the-market HDMI-to-USB3.0 and HDMI-to-PCI Express converters. Together with powerful, yet easy-to-use INSPECTIS Image Capture and Metrology Software, we deliver high-end, none-contact 2D measurement and documentation systems available at 3 levels of functionality, Basics, Pro and ProX.

When you order Inspectis you order Quality of Inspection!