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Designed for Productivity

INSPECTIS is an easy-to-use software developed for viewing live image, capturing still images and video from the full range of Inspectis HD, Full HD, 4K and USB3.0 digital microscopes.

In addition to image view and capture features, INSPECTIS software provides powerful tools for calibration of device magnification, geometrical on-screen measurements, live image overlays and annotations on still images.

Results can be printed or exported as certificates and reports with custom made templates. Additional features are available with the ProX version that couples to the camera control and allows automatic focus stacking, interval overlay display, image stitching, camera and lens control and the benefits of calibrated zoom tracking.

Reduce the time spent on Inspection, Analysis and Measurements

Thanks to its powerful video processing engine, user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow, INSPECTIS software reduces time spent on capture, analysis, measurements and documentation of your inspection objects.

Supplied with plug&play HDMI to USB3.0 and PCIe converters

INSPECTIS software is delivered with best-on-the-market plug&play HDMI to PCIe or HDMI to USB3.0 (4K and Full HD) capture devices.

Available in 3 functionality levels, Basics, Pro and ProX

INSPECTIS Basics, Pro and ProX comparison table

Features BasicsProProX
Live image view, freeze to still image
Digital zoom of still and live image
Adjust device properties and device resolution
Define and calibrate magnifications
Contrast adjustment and enhanced contrast
Flip image vertically/horizontally
Black and white conversion
Distance measurement
Annotations on Image
Objects count on image
Select, move, adjust, erase, undo and redo measurements and annotations
Overlay grids, rectangle and crosshair on live image
File folder system management
Open/save images with calibration
Print images
Multilanguage interface
Free-form area, length and perimeter measurements
Circle, angle, curve length and polygon measurements
Overlay 2-dimensional mm/mm scales on live image
Overlay semi-transparent picture on live image
Overlay custom-made CAD files and patterns on live image
Export performed meaurements
Record video and audio
Compare live to still or still to still images
Make reports and cerfificates with images, annotations and measurements
Camera and lens parameters adjustment and control
Password option for camera and lens parameters control
Camera adjustments setup presets and recall (5 memories)
Automatic calibration tracking for all zoom positions
Automatic lens distorsion correction for captured images
Automatic and manual focus stacking

Typical Applications:

  • Digital live image view at high frame rate
  • Image capture and documentation
  • Image analysis and manipulation
  • Calibrated on-screen geometry measurements
  • Interval image overlay comparison
  • Generating certifications and reports
  • Automatic lens distortion correction
  • Presentation and training
  • Documentation and archiving




System Requirements
CPU Intel Core i5. Intel Core i7 recommended.
Operating System Windows 7/8.1/10
(x64 version Professional, Enterprise)
Memory 8 GB of RAM, 16 GM recommended.
Hard Disk 200 GB of Free Space
Display Full HD. 4K, 3840×2160 pixels recommended.
Ports 1x USB2.0 port
1x USB3.0 port
1x PCIe Gen2 x4 (If PCIe HDMI capture is used)
Recommended Computers Station: HP ProDesk, Intel Core i7, 16 GB, 4K graphical card. Laptop: HP ProBook, Intel Core i7, 15.6”, 16 GB, Full HD monitor

Popular Accessories

USB Foot Switch for INSPECTIS Software, 1-Pedal, Item HD-051

USB foot switch for hands free image capture in Inspectis software. Foot switch is plugged into the USB port of computer and automatically recognized by the Inspectis software.

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USB Foot Switch for Inspectis Software, 3-Pedals,   Item HD-052

USB foot switch for hands free control of Zoom In, Zoom Out and Image Freeze or Image Snap in Inspectis ProX software. Foot switch is plugged into the USB port of computer and automatically recognized by the Inspectis software. Can be programmed for other camera controls on request.


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SDK Package for Digital Microscopes,  Item HD-042

Software Development Kit (SDK) designed for Inspectis’ U and F series digital microscopes. Inspectis SDK provides users simple codes for establishing connection with the camera as well as full control over camera and lens parameters. Delivers with Inspectis communication cable HD-035.

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Other Accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available for INSPECTIS digital microscopes.

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