F30s Full HD Modular

Digital Video Microscope

F30s, Full HD 1080p Modular Digital Inspection Macroscope
Item No. HD-013


Designed According to Industry Standards

F30s offers true ease of use with minimal interaction needed with controls and settings. All basic parameters such as zoom, brightness and colour levels can be controlled by the user through on-board buttons on top of the device.


Inspectis F30s provides relief to eyes, neck and shoulders. The unique ergonomic design with 230mm working distance and and wide 1:30 optical zoom range allows operators to sit comfortably in a good working position and carry out their optical inspection tasks efficiently.

Endlessly Versatile

Modular design of F30s in industrial grade aluminium housing allows easy configuration of your optical inspection system with a wide range of stands and mounts according to your needs.

Superior Optics

The system’s high resolution optics with 1.9 – 56x magnification (24”monitor) are comparable to common inspection microscopes. If further magnification is needed, a wide range of +1, +2, +3, +5 and +10 diopter Macro Lenses can be added to magnify up to 170x.

Making Inspection Reliable

Thanks to its high quality optics and large image sensor, F30 provides an excellent image of inspecting object with true colours and fine details.

An optional built-in laser pointer ( -L ) aims at the area of interest and assists in locating it on the screen. F30 can also be ordered as ESD protected ( -E ) and/or Hermetic Sealed Housing ( -S ) for required environments.


  • Fully flexible and configurable with different stands and mounts
  • Full HD 1080p, 60 fps for lag-free magnified working
  • Superior 30:1 zoom optics with fast auto-focus
  • On board easy-to-access lens- and camera controls
  • Software options for metrology, documentation and archiving


Typical Applications:

  • Precision magnification
  • Electronics inspection
  • Quality control
  • Repair and rework
  • Forensics
  • Medical devices
  • Micro assembly
  • Micro mechanics
  • Etomology
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Documentation
  • Presentation and training




Video Output Full HD 1080/59.94p switchable to Full HD 1080/50p (by Remote Camera Control). HDMI type A Male connector.
Imager 3.2M pixels. 1920(H) x 1080(V) 16:9 format progressive scan
Onboard Controls Zoom, Iris, Auto Focus on/off, White Balance
Remote Control Unit (optional ) Zoom, Iris, Manual/Auto Brightness, Manual/Auto Focus, White Balance, Picture Quality Mode, Display Zoom Factor, Hair-cross overlay, Image Rotate, Image Freeze, 2 Memory Save/Recall
Illumination RingLight White LED with detachable diffuser and electronic intensity control
Size Ø86.5 x 137mm exclusive cable
Weight 1.1 kg. excluding stand
Lens system 30x optical zoom with Auto Focus
Working distance 228mm ( from lens to object )
Magnification at x1 zoom factor 1.9x on 24″ monitor. (~ 5.7 x with +10 diopter)
Magnification at x30 zoom factor 56x on 24″ monitor. (~ 170x with +10 diopter)
Field of View at x1 zoom factor ~ 270 x 151.9  (~ 93 x 51 mm with +10 diopter)
Field of View at x30 zoom factor ~ 9.3 x 5.2 mm (~ 3.1 x 1.7 mm with +10 diopter)

Popular Accessories

Variety of accessories, such as remote camera controls, diopter lenses, additional illumination, xy-tables, mounts, image capture and metrology software are available for F30.

Single-arm Boom Stand with Stainless Steel Rods, Item HD-060

Industrial-type boom stand with sturdy base and Ø25mm vertical and horisontal post in Stainless Steel that extends over the working area.

Provides complete flexibility for horisontal and vertical adjustment of Digital Microscope. ESD-protected version available for EPA environments.

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Inspectis XY-travel Stand, In-Line, Item HD-170

The Inspectis XY-travel Rack Mount provides smooth lateral movement of the Digital Microscope over the object under inspection.

Designed for installation in commonly used industrial racks to provide fully integrated online inspection solutions. Use especially over conveyor lines or for processes where object handling is undesirable

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Remote Camera Control with Advanced Adjustments, Item HD-020

Remote Camera Control allows further adjustments of Camera and lens attributes, including zoom, brightness, lens aperture size (iris), manual focus, white balance and image contrast. Features such as the zoom factor display, cross-hair overlay on live image, can be turned on.

In addition 2 memory settings can be set and controlled allowing optimized settings to be saved and recalled for individual samples. To further simplify operations selected functions can be controlled by a foot pedal.

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Full HD External Image Capture and Video Recorder, Item HD-140

Plug-&-play Full HD Image Capture and Video Recorder device.

Captures live video and still pictures up to 1080P resolution (1920×1080 pixels) via USB flash drive interface without need of host computer.

Assembled in industrial grade aluminum housing.

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Inspectis RingLight White LED with detachable diffuser, Item HD-024-B

LED illuminator containing high power white LED lamps for a various incident light applications. Homogenous illumination at pure day-light white colour. Detachable diffuser filter for extra smooth and soft illumination is included. Integrated ON-OFF switch and brightness control.

Ring Light is powered directly via AUX output of Inspectis Digital Microscopes for excellent cable management. Attachable Polariser/Analyser filter set for removing glare and extra power supply for compatibility to other devices are provided as accessories.

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Other Accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available for INSPECTIS digital microscopes.

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