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Inspectis Optical Systems

New INSPECTIS Overlay Assisted Inspection (“OAI”) Launches

Solna, Sweden – The fastest and most accurate technique for the human eye and mind to detect defects is through visual comparison of graphic images. Defects that otherwise might be overlooked become immediately apparent, which is why INSPECTIS AB has developed the concept of Overlay Assisted Inspection, or OAI, for its advanced digital camera inspection systems.

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Updated offers Latest in Digital Inspection Systems

Solna, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB announces the launch of its updated web site, interactive and easier to navigate than ever before, a comprehensive online resource covering all of INSPECTIS’ advanced optical inspection solutions for PCB assembly and Medical Device manufacture, including the newest and most powerful (up to 30X Zoom) line of Ultra HD (4K) Digital Inspection Microscopes including Inspectis U30, a premium all-in-one, Ultra High Definition 8.3 megapixel optical inspection system.

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INSPECTIS Launches HD-028-L, X-Y Floating Board with Position Lock

Solna, Sweden – The new HD-028-L from INSPECTIS AB is an innovative X-Y Floating Board with a position locking mechanism. The HD-028-L provides smooth lateral movement of inspection objects (SMT PCBs, medical devices) under a microscope or INSPECTIS high-performance video microscope inspection systems, and the mechanical position locking mechanism provides maximum stability by preventing accidental movement of the part or floating table during examination.

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INSPECTIS Launches ‘Game-Changer’ 4K Ultra HD Digital Microscope

Advanced U30/U30s Raises Video Inspection to New Levels

Solna, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB announces a new generation of the U30 series digital microscopes. The U30s, U30 and U30s EWD versions offer more than twice the magnification (x168 with +10 macro lens) of the current U10 series, raising video inspection to new levels.

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INSPECTIS AB Launches HD-150 Combined Tilt and Telescopic Table

Solna, Sweden – Complete and comprehensive precision inspection of parts and assemblies is easier and more precise when the objects under inspection can be inspected from various angles and heights, not just straight up and down.

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INSPECTIS: The Best HD Microscope Requires the Best Lighting

Solna, Sweden – The best Full HD Digital Microscope technology isn’t providing optimum results if its image is compromised by less than the best lighting technology. To get the best inspection results and imagery out of the powerful INSPECTIS system, the lighting has to be up to snuff.  That’s why INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of its new HD-024-B White LED Ring Light.

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HD-050 Telescopic Table Enhances Working Distance for Inspection

Solna, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of its new HD-050 Telescopic Height Adjustment Table, a powerful solution that expands the flexibility of working distance achievable with the popular C-12 and U10 (with its supreme 4K resolution).

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INSPECTIS AB Announces F30s, the ‘Best All-around’ Full HD Digital Microscope

Solna, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB announces the launch of the Full HD Digital Microscope F30s, the most adaptable and versatile FHD vision inspection system available, an all-around ‘best choice’ for the widest range of visual inspection applications.

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INSPECTIS AB Intros 4K Ultra HD Digital Microscope U10/U10s

Solna, Sweden – INSPECTIS’ new 4K Ultra HD Digital Microscope U10 and U10s models quite nearly turn an inspection station into a big-screen cinema movie theatre with unparalleled Ultra HD (4K) resolution of 3840 x 2160.

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INSPECTIS Launches New X-Y Accessories for its Digital Video Inspection Systems

Solna, Sweden – INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of two new X-Y accessory products for its class-leading digital video inspection systems, the HD-028 X-Y Floating Table and X-Y Rail and Boom Systems.

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INSPECTIS AB Launches C12, the Next Generation in High Definition Digital Microscopes

Solna, Sweden – Remarkably uncluttered, and thoroughly ergonomic, the new C12 High Definition Digital Microscope from INSPECTIS AB offers innovative new features and performance not found in competitive systems.

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