RingLight White LED


White LED illuminator containing 126 white LED lamps for a various incident light applications. Homogenous illumination at pure day-light white colour. Compact control unit with ON-OFF switch and brightness control. Designed as extra illumination for INSPECTIS High Definition Camera Microscopes.

RingLight UV Fluorescent


Ultra violet LED illuminator containing 126 pcs dual UVA 365nm and
375nm LED lamps with built-in diffuser for a various applications like
Conformal Coating inspection or UV glue curing process. Compact control
unit with ON-OFF switch and brightness control. Designed for use
together with INSPECTIS High Definition Camera Microscopes.

Polarisation Filter for RingLight


Polarising filter set consists of a polariser which is attached on front
of the LED RingLight and an analyser which is screwed on the camera
lens. It is inserted into the LED Ring light. Eliminates glare from
highly reflective objects like solder joints.

Extension Cable ( 2.0m ) for Ring Light


2.0m extension cable for the Ring Light

Foot Switch for Camera Control


Foot switch for camera control for hands free operation. Operator can increase or decrease the value of the selected function by the foot switch

XY Floating Board


Ball bearing floating table for linear low friction XY translation of objects under inspection. Provides controlled point-to-point lateral movement.

Datasheet, XY Floating Board

Tilt Board


All directional tilt table for side-view examination of inspecting objects.
PCB or other objects can easily be tilted 0-30 degrees. ESD-protected
design for safety when used together with sensitive electronics devices or

Datasheet, Tilt Board

FULL HD HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter


High quality plug-&-play HDMI to USB3.0 Video Capture device. Connect HDMI output of your Inspectis C12 Digital Microscopes to this adapter and plug it to USB3.0 port of your computer to image and capture live image of your microscope in HD digital format.

Datasheet, Full HD HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter

USB 3.0 HD Video Capture with Software


Video and still image Capture of uncompressed HD video via super
speed USB3.0 communication. Plug this desktop frame grabber into USB
3.0 port of your PC and use your favorite software for view and digital
capture of your INSPECTIS camera microscope.

Aluminium Carrying Case


Rigid aluminium case with specially designed foam inlay for safe transport of INSPECTIS HD camera microscopes.

Datasheet, Aluminum Carrying Case